18 January 2018, The GIE Labs Identification Report describes whether the stone is natural or synthetic, identifies the type of Gemstone, and includes any detectable treatments. This report also contains a detailed description of the Gemstone such as cut, shape, weight, measurement, and color, and includes a photograph of the Gemstone.
The GIE Gemstone Certificate clearly states whether the stone is (authentic) genuine or not, as well provides other data describing its shape, cut, weight, measurements, color, transparency, and major optical characteristics, and also includes a detailed photograph of the Gemstone. The country of origin is stated in the report if the Gemological analysis conclusively reveals it. Gemstones should only change hands when accompanied by a Certificate Attesting to quality. Regardless of location or Marketplace, an authentic GIE Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence in the Gemological World.
When GIE Labs Started Gemstone report system then customers can get the report only through offline mode, to get a Gemstone report customers paid nominal charges for report with shipping charges but The GIE Labs today formally announced to download its Gemstone Certificates from GIE Labs website. Unlike other companies reports where the Gemstone is kept in a vault and the report in a separate location, GIE Labs Gemstone report stores the evaluation and Gemstone together with a secure credit card-size report. The Certificate contains Security features and a Data matrix, that once scanned, allows users to connect directly to GIE Labs data System and confirm its Authenticity.

The GIE Labs decided to provide Gemstone Certificates to its Customers by two ways.

1. Offline Mode – To get a Gemstone report offline Customers just need to pay shipping charge. It take around 5-6 working days to delivered a Gemstone Certificate.

2. Online Mode- Certificate Download from GIE website

GIE Labs introduced the online Certificate Verification and downloading system from 19th January 2018, and has since successfully integrated the Certificate downloading link on GIE Labs website. It is a fast, time and money saving process which takes few minutes to download a Gemstone Certificate.

To download a Certificate follow the below steps.
  • Open GIE Labs Website
  • Click on Certificate Verification tab mention on header section of the Website.
  • To Track Certificate enter your Certificate number which is provided by GIE Labs.
  • Click on download report.
  • Downloading Started.
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