GIE Labs Introducing New QR Code to Improve Security and Saves you Being Fraud.

16 August 2018, GIE Labs facing a problem from a long time, many companies doing fraud with using the name of GIE Labs, Ever since GIE Labs became a brand in the market, the people have started copying Certificates and designed duplicate website to cheat peoples, that’s why GIE Labs looking for a valuable and efficient QR Code from a long time to improve reliability, security, and efficiency that can reduce chances of duplicity and enchase the security. So the GIE Labs Security Team has taken stern action and introducing its New QR Code with more secure and enhance features as well make some changes in the website by adding location tracker which reducing errors, avoid duplicity and saves you being fraud.


1. GIE Labs New QR Codes eliminate the possibility of human error to search for information about GIE Labs. The occurrence of errors for manually entered data in search is significantly higher than that of QR Codes.
2. New QR Code scan is fast and reliable and takes infinitely less time than the Old QR Code.
3. New QR Code on Gemstone Certificates saves the time of customers to verify the authenticity and reliability about GIE Labs.
4. New QR Code can be easily scanned by normal scanners which contain other relevant information.
5. New QR Code saves you from being cheated. Because the New QR Code has come, it gives you complete information about the company after scanning the Certificate.

The New QR Code can be easily scanned by a QR Code Scanner and New QR Code opened the details please check given image.
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