GIE Labs Add on More Security by introducing Hologram on Certificate.

21 September 2018, GIE Labs realized that rapid changes in Technology, Security with Reliability is compulsory for Customers so Reliability and Security can be enhanced by New Hologram Technology printed on Gemstone Certificates, GIE Laboratory reports have specified all respects: size, clarity, and color. These Gemstone reports are generated after analysis of submitted Gemstones by advanced GIE Testing Lab.
Customers want to get a Certificate of Gemstone for reliability and to check genuinity of Gemstone because choosing a Gemstone for your loved one can be an intimidating task. As you browse similar sparkling choices, it helps to know what makes one Gemstone worth more than another. The GIE Labs provides educative Lab Certificate that summarizes the noteworthy characteristics of Gemstones, Pearls and other Jewelry. Since 1991, the Institute has adhered to strict international standards regarding the quality of Gemstones, offering an independent quality assessment for Consumers. The GIE Labs Certificates lend everyday shoppers and buyers greater Confidence when buying-selling Jewelry. Before you get down on one knee, the GIE Labs can give you the resources and knowledge to make sure you have a genuine Gemstone that’ll take his or her breath away. The GIE Labs Gemstone Report is based on a precious stone analysis, which is designed to identify the species and variety of a colored Gemstone. Since new Technologies are continually being developed and applied to alter and treat Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, and other Gemstones, the GIE Labs Scientific approach is vital to ensure optimum reliability.
Now GIE Labs offering a link on the website to download Gemstone Certification with a Hologram from GIE Labs Website. Unlike other companies reports where the Gemstone is kept in a vault and the report in a separate location without hologram and QR Code, GIE Labs Gemstone report stores the evaluation and Gemstone together with a secure credit card-size report. The report contains security features and a Data matrix like QR Code and Hologram, that once scanned, allows users to connect directly to GIE Labs Website and confirm its authenticity. GIE Labs will introduce the online Certificate with a Hologram, QR Code and Certificate from 22 September 2018 and has since successfully integrated the download link on the website.

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