GIE Labs is one of the dedicated lab to the continuous improvement of the Gems & Jewellery Industry by providing the best possible services. GIE Laboratory was established in the interest to protect consumer & trader's trust in Gemstone's Industry, as in recent years the popularity of many Gemstones has reached to a next level due to its medicinal and other benefits thus the frauds, cheatings, treatments and modification with faces of Gemstones have also reached to new scales.

To protect the consumer's trust and to help a trader to communicate the right details with each piece they sell. GIE Laboratory was established in Jaipur by an expert of alternative medicines and passionately working with Gemstones for more than a decade. In his stint with Gemstones, he has identified many benefits of Gemstones and the unique ways to identify and grade Gemstones without any destructive test.

The GIE Labs ensures for providing
best treatments of Gemstone and Diamond testing with Certification

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